"As the genial, worldly-wise Philosophe Niall Anderson revealed a suave, mellow and secure sound and great phrasing; he has good stage presence..."

- Alexander Campbell, Classical Source | Chérubin, 2020


"Niall Anderson brought a nicely bemused sense of gravity to Le Philosophe, allowing himself to be both charmed and puzzled by his pupil... I look forward to seeing him again in a younger role!"

- Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill | Chérubin, 2020

"...lithe and flexible baritone, qualities also abundant in the bass Niall Anderson, as Bertrand the doorkeeper"

- Stephen Pritchard, Bachtack | Iolanta, 2019


"La créativité vocale et la présence scénique de Niall Anderson donnent un irrésistible Somnus. Lorsqu’il chante un des airs les plus beaux composés par Händel, « Leave me, loathsome light & Obey my will », on touche à un des moments d’état de grâce et de pleine complicité entre l’orchestre et le plateau."

"The vocal creativity and stage presence of Niall Anderson gave an irresistible Somnus. When he sings one of the most beautiful songs by Händel, "Leave me, loathsome light.." we are touching one of the moments of a state of grace and full complicity between the orchestra and the stage."

- Georgiana Hartana, Bachtrack | Semele, 2018 


"Niall Anderson was mostly the voice of Elijah... The power of his singing was terrific depicting the anger and sometimes the ferocity of the prophet, but his vocal quality also had a lovely rounded warmth that made Elijah a more appealing character... One of the real highlights of the work is Elijah’s delicious aria, ‘Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel’ and Niall sold this to us at full glowing value."

Alan Cooper | Elijah, October 2018

"It was extraordinary to hear the roar of bass soloist Niall’s growling tawny lion and his leaping tiger, with heavy paw steps echoed in the orchestra’s bass notes."

Jennifer MacDonald | The Creation, June 2018.